Webooks are currently enabled for points exchange transactions for the light integration users.

To register your webhook in our system, please write to us at dashboard@qiibee.com. Please specify the webhook url along with the basic authorization token clearly and make sure that it is following the standards as prescribed in this page.

The webhook uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of a request. It expects a range of 2xx for success. Any other range is considered a failure after which, qiibee will retry the request 13 times with exponential backoff.


qiibee uses Basic authorization when making webhook requests to your system. It would be used in the Authorization header. You need to provide this token to us so we can make the requests securely.

The content type header is set to application/json

Request body

The request body will contain the following elements

  • amount - (number)

    • The amount of points that need to be credited/debited

  • auth_id - (string)

    • The membership number or a membership identifier, as specified in your system, of the user to whose account the points need to be credited.

  • timestamp - (ISO8601 standard)

    • The time at which the transaction was confirmed on the qiibee blockchain.

  • token_name - (string)

    • The name of the tokenised loyalty point, as registered with qiibee, to which the exchange occurred.

  • token_symbol - (string)

    • The symbol of the tokenised loyalty point, as registered with qiibee, to which the exchange has occurred.

  • transaction_type - (string)

    • Value: credit

      • credit the user's account with the specified amount of points.

  • tx_hash - (string)

    • The hash of the current transaction. This hash is generated on the blockchain.

  • tx_hash_reverted - (string)

    • This will exist only for when an exchange transaction needs to be reversed. This hash specifies the hash of the original transaction that is being reverted.

An example request body to expect:

    "amount": 100,
    "token_name": "An example token",
    "token_symbol": "EXMPL",
    "transaction_type": "credit",
    "tx_hash": "3c826874aea3c4a87c8c5edcbda660bfe627aecb24e96cf65045ae09a081b2a5",
    "tx_hash_reverted": null,
    "auth_id": "member@email.com",
    "timestamp": "2022-08-19T17:09:44"

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