Product Components

Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD)

The qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) is an interactive and user-friendly application that incorporates all functionalities available on the Loyalty API. Businesses can create new branded loyalty points in minutes or list their existing ones in the Loyalty Rewards Marketplace, form new exchange partnerships and analyze the performance in real time. Creating a dashboard account is always the first step to enter the qiibee ecosystem.

Loyalty API

The qiibee Loyalty API consists of APIs, widgets and plugins. By using our Loyalty API you profit from more reach, a seamless integration and a secure infrastructure. Open up to more impactful loyalty experiences and new program members. Start the setup process today.


The qiibee blockchain protects your loyalty currency, while providing full transparency and efficiency with no reconciliation problems between partners. It records all the exchange transactions and can optionally also be used as a Points Bank.

Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA)

The qiibee Loyalty Whitelabel App that incorporates all the functionalities of the qiibee Loyalty API, ready to setup and roll out within weeks. Book a demo to start the setup process.

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