Step 3a: Start Integration (Loyalty Whitelabel App)

Configure the Loyalty Whitelabel App





Approx Duration

3b. Start Integration (Loyalty Whitelabel App)

  • Contact qiibee to setup the Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA)

  • Define the content for the LWA

  • Perform test transactions


~1 week

1. Tailor your customer experience to your brand

Contact qiibee

In the current version, you have to contact qiibee and define the details listed below. We'll set the LWA up and you're ready to go. In the future, the LWA configuration will be directly integrated in the LAD dashboard.

Let’s start with the branding.

  • Logged out Logo

    • This logo will be displayed when the user is logged out.

  • Logged in Logo

    • This logo will be displayed when the user is logged in. If possible, use a horizontal logo.

  • Favicon

    • This logo will be displayed in the browser.

  • App icon

    • This icon will be displayed when the user downloads and installs your loyalty app on his device.

  • Primary color

  • Secondary color

2. Select the language and add your personalized text

Customize the welcome screen where you can give your customers the most important information.

Select the language your customers will see and adjust the respective text if needed.

  • English

    • 1. Make a purchase

      • Buy your favorite products or services from {{brand}}.

    • 2. Earn points

      • For every purchase you make, you are rewarded with {{brandPoint}}.

    • 3. Redeem points

      • Use your points to get discounts, frequent flyer miles, and more.

  • German

    • 1. Einkaufen

      • Kaufen Sie ihre Lieblingsprodukte- oder services von {{brand}}.

    • 2. Punkte verdienen

      • Für jeden Einkauf werden Sie mit {{brandPoint}} belohnt.

    • 3. Punkte einlösen

      • Tauschen Sie ihre Punkte gegen Rabatte, Vielfliegermeilen und vieles mehr.

  • Italian

    • 1. Fare un acquisto

      • Acquista i tuoi prodotti o servizi preferiti da {{brand}}.

    • 2. Guadagnare Punti

      • Per ogni acquisto effettuato, vieni ricompensato con {{brandPoint}}.

    • 3. Iniziare

      • Usa i tuoi punti per ottenere sconti, miglia frequent flyer e altri premi.

3. Domain, policies and more

Add the remaining details and launch your own Loyalty Whitelabel App.

  • Loyalty program domain

    • If you already own a domain which you want to use for your loyalty program, use that

    • If you want to register a new domain, please define the desired domain name (e.g. [Brand name] and also provide the following information so we can register it.

      • Loyalty program domain

      • Name Contact Person

      • Address

      • Phone

      • Email

  • Email address

    • Define the email address from which qiibee should send out the mails to onboard a new user (e.g. [email protected][Brand name]

    • Define the email address from which qiibee should send out the redemption coupons whenever a user redeems his points (e.g. [email protected][Brand name]

  • QR code scanner

    • In case your customers should be able to scan QR codes to get rewarded, you can add a QR code scanner to your whitelabel loyalty app.

  • Policies

    • T&C

      • If you already have a Terms & Conditions policy, share the link to the T&C.

    • Cookie Policy

      • If you already have a Cookie Policy, share the link to the Cookie Policy.

    • Privacy Policy

      • If you already have a Privacy Policy, share the link to the Privacy Policy.

    • FAQ

      • If you already have FAQs, share the link to the FAQs.

qiibee is here to support

Contact qiibee to get support and set up the LWA. We can also help in case you don't have all the policies yet.

4. Perform test transactions

Finish Step 2: Plan and Design and test your Loyalty Whitelabel App before going live.