Step 1: Create Point

Create your point in the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD)





Approx Duration

1.Create point

  • Register on the qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD)

  • Define your loyalty point and its economics

  • Create your loyalty point


< 1 hour


The qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) is not yet publicly available. In the meantime, please contact [email protected] or book a demo to create your loyalty point.

1. Sign-up on the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD)

The first thing you need to do to get started with qiibee is to sign-up for an account. You will have to activate your account using the activation link sent to you upon registration.

2. Create your Agency and Brand Account

In case you are an agency setting up the loyalty program on behalf of a brand, you can create an agency account and manage all brands under one login. If you sign up as the brand, you can skip this step and directly proceed with the brand account creation.

3. Design your loyalty point and its economics

During the point setup you will define your point, its economics and also provide some additional infromation about your loyalty program.

Character restrictions

  • Loyalty point name: Letters, numbers, spaces allowed, max 25 characters

  • Loyalty point symbol: No special characters allowed, Min. 3 Characters, Max. 5

  • Loyalty program description: max 1000 characters

Loyalty point supply

This will be the starting supply of loyalty points. Even though you can issue more later on, we recommend to create a sligthly bigger supply than initially needed.

Points expiration

Choose between no expiration and points that expire at the end of next year (e.g. points that customers get in 2021 will be valid until 31.12.2022. In case they get new points in 2022, all points will be valid for another year until 31.12.2023).

Loyalty point value

This value is the estimated cost of redemption, or the estimated liability cost for each loyalty point in circulation. If a customer has 1 loyalty point and redeems it in your loyalty program, how much does it cost you (e.g. 1 Point = 0.01 USD).

Loyalty point exchange value

This value is the estimated cost a partner has to pay in order to buy and distribute one of your loyalty points. If a partner offers his customers the exchange to your loyalty points, the partner has to pay you per loyalty point (e.g. 1 Point = 0.02 USD). The “loyalty point value for external partners” should be higher or equal to the “loyalty point value inside your loyalty program”. This way, you can make money while offering your loyalty point as an exchange option to other partners. Making your loyalty points exchangeable, however, is optional.

Points exchange

All partners set the loyalty point value and loyalty point exchange value for their points. This will automatically determine the exchange rates between all partners involved.

Exchange rates

  • Loyalty point value: FIAT value the customers get when selling the partner points

    • Customers exchange loyalty point A for loyalty point B. The loyalty point value determines how much (FIAT) value the customers receive for his loyalty point A.

  • Loyalty point exchange value: Value the customers have to pay when they get partner points

    • Example: Customer exchanges loyalty points A for loyalty points B. The loyalty point exchange value B determines how expensive (in FIAT currency) the loyalty points B will be for the customer.

  • The loyalty point exchange value should be higher (or equal) than the loyalty point value. Otherwise, customers can make profit by exchanging loyalty points.

    • The lower the loyalty point exchange value, the more interesting for customers. (and vice versa)

    • The higher the loyalty point value, the more interesting for customers. (and vice versa)


  • Partner A

    • Loyalty point exchange value: 2 USD

    • Loyalty point value: 1 USD

  • Partner B

    • Loyalty point exchange value: 10 USD

    • Loyalty point value: 5 USD

  • Partner C

    • Loyalty point exchange value: 5 USD

    • Loyalty point value: 5 USD

  • The exchange rates can now be calculated automatically

    • Exchange rate A to B = 0.1

      • Loyalty point value A / Loyalty point exchange value B → for 1 Partner Point A, I get 0.1 Partner Point B

    • Exchange rate B to A = 2.5

      • Loyalty point value B / Loyalty point exchange value A → for 1 Partner Point B, I get 2.5 Partner Point A

      • Example: Customer exchanges 10 Points A to B. He gets 1 Point B. Now he exchanges it back to Point A. He receives 2.5 A Points → because both partners have a 50% difference. Customers cannot exploit the system but are still able to exchange.

    • Exchange rate A to C = 0.2

    • Exchange rate C to A = 2.5

    • Exchange rate B to C = 1

    • Exchange rate C to B = 0.5

CHF = USD = Euro

Differences in FIAT currency exchange rates won't be considered. It therefore does not matter in what currency you calculate.