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These pages include technical and non-technical guides and API references that will serve as a complete resource for anyone looking to integrate qiibee and enter the qiibee ecosystem.

What is qiibee?

qiibee is the leading blockchain-based Loyalty Rewards Marketplace that unlocks the purchasing power of the billion dollar rewards economy by making all rewards exchangeable in one decentralized loyalty ecosystem.

Brands can easily integrate with our blockchain-based rewards marketplace to add more rewards to their loyalty program or sell their rewards to other brands.

Our Loyalty API enables fast and painless integration into any app or platform, the Whitelabel App lets you start without any tech integration at all, and we can even integrate your own API.

By integrating with qiibee, you join the qiibee ecosystem and profit from the network of partners. Make your points exchangable for other loyalty points, miles, crypto, NFTs and more to actively increase engagement and brand loyalty. All of that with less tech and management overhead than traditional systems. Join now and enjoy the new, global standard of loyalty.

What can I do with qiibee?

qiibee enables you to:

  • Buy rewards to boost customer engagement, by adding more redemption options.

  • Sell rewards to generate more revenues by connecting with more loyalty programs.

  • Save 95% of costs and time for integration, reconciliation and invoicing by connecting with our marketplace.

  • Boost the revenue of your loyalty program in no time with 1 integration and 1 invoicing partner

Built on blockchain technology

qiibee's technology enable businesses to build innovative solutions on blockchain technology and leverage the benefits of it's distributed and immutable nature.

qiibee is designed for internet-grade transaction volumes and speeds.

Where do I start?

qiibee can be used by both, people with business and/or technical expertise. Your starting point depends on your role.

  • If you are a business person, the Introduction and Integrations sections will be of most use.

  • If you are technical, then jump to the Integrations and qiibee APIs.

  • Afterwards, creating a Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) dashboard account is always the first step to enter the qiibee ecosystem.

We're here to help!

The best way to explore qiibee is by reading these pages, going through the Helpdesk and booking a demo. We are here to make you and your team be successful with qiibee!

Improving together!

We rely on you to ensure the documentation covers everything needed to get started with qiibee. Give us your honest feedback and we'll take care of it right away!

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