Customer Success Roadmap

These are best practices to make sure that your new loyalty exchange will be a success. Try to implement all of them, add your own ideas and also contact qiibee in case you need support.
  • Pick at least 3 active exchange partners (prior to launch)
  • Promote on your website (launch day)
  • Promote through social media (launch day - ongoing)
  • Promote in your newsletter (1 week after launch)
  • Google Ad Campaigns (1-2 weeks after launch - ongoing)
  • Exchange point promotions (ongoing, seasonal)
  • Send out newsletter to your active partners audience (within 1 month after launch)
  • Seasonal campaigns (holidays, Christmas, valentines day, ... Every 3-6 months)
  • Analyze the active partner performance (regularly)

1. Pick at least 3 active exchange partners that best fit to your program

Leverage the Exchange Marketplace to offer your members unique exchange options, or monetize your rewards program and integrate new partnerships with one click. The most successful loyalty programs on qiibee have at least 3 active exchange partners. Select between frequent flyer miles, loyalty points, cryptocurrencies and more!

2. Promote the loyalty exchanges on your website

Create a banner on the home page to catch the attention of your fans. Example of Musei del Cibo:
Add a dedicated page where you describe the loyalty exchange and its benefits and also add the page to your menu bar. If you use the Whitelabel App, add a button that redirects the customer to the App. See an example here.
If you have brick-and-mortar stores, place banners and other visuals. Make sure your customers notice it.

3. Promote your loyalty exchange through social media

Tell your social media audience about your loyalty exchange and the active partnerships via posts, stories and tweets.
In case you don't reach the full audience, try to promote your posts via paid ads and also target potential customers who don't follow you already.

4. Promote your loyalty exchange in your newsletters

In case you send out regular newsletters, add a dedicated section for the loyalty exchange. Link it to the Loyalty App to actively engage and remind your customers.

5. Google Ad Campaign

Start a Google Ad Campaign with Keywords targeting your loyalty exchange f.e. combine the following key phrases with your brand name to get listed on top of search results when a user is searching for your program:
yourbrand + loyalty program yourbrand + customer loyalty yourbrand + customer loyalty program yourbrand + reward program yourbrand + rewards yourbrand + rewards program yourbrand + points yourbrand + points program yourbrand + miles yourbrand + miles program yourbrand + vip program yourbrand + vip yourbrand + coupon yourbrand + coupons yourbrand + discount yourbrand + discounts
Of course you'll get listed in the generic index as well sooner or later but this technique can boost your program right from the start and reach users you wouldn't reach anywhere else.

6. Exchange point promotions

Run seasonal or product specific promotions. f.e. "get the double amount of XY points when exchanging your points during summer sale" to attract users to join the program and buy your products. Advertise promotions through all your marketing channels such as social media, newsletter, website banners, etc!
Can be easily connected with the following frequent flyer promotions!

7. Target the active partners audience

You no longer are limited to your own customer network. Try to acquire new customers via the active partners your now connected to. Launch a campaign and show them how easily they get rewarded with their favorite points. See an example here (Miles & More Newsletter):

8. Seasonal Campaigns

Run seasonal campaigns like Christmas promotions, Summer Point Rally or Valentines day specials. Give out extra points for exchanges and promote campaigns through your website, newsletter, social media and paid ads to get more sales and attract users to join your loyalty program.

9. Analyze the active partner performance

Regularly check the Analytics section on the qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) and evaluate the attractiveness of your active partners. Maybe some of them don't perform as well as expected which might be due to geographical mismatches, different customer bases and other factors. Try to push those by actively engaging with your own and the partners community. Figure out what makes an active partner attractive for your own audience and add more partners that hit these criterias. With qiibee, adding new partners is as easy as possible. Use that to your advantage and find the partners that best fit to you!