qiibee API Documentation

The Loyalty API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

In general, the 2xx range indicates success, the 4xx range indicates an error due to bad data or an authentication failure. And the 5xx range indicates an error with qiibee's servers (these are rare).

Base URL

The Base URL for all API requests is


All API endpoints are authenticated with the X-API-KEY header.

If you do not send the header, or the header is invalid we will return a 401 with an error message Missing x-api-key header or Invalid API Key.

You can create your API key at the qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard in the Integration section.


The sandbox environment implements the behaviour of the actual API but in a test environment so you can test out your flows before calling the real API.

The base URL for all sandbox APIs is

The API key must be created on the qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard Sandbox in the Integration section.

Postman Collection

You can use this Postman collection to test all endpoints. Ensure to set the environment variables in the collection so that the API behaves as intended.

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