Rewards Marketplace

This example only shows the Rewards Marketplace. All other parts of a loyalty program are brand specific and therefore not part of this illustration.


The goal of the overview screen is to introduce end users to the rewards marketplace and its benefits.

If the existing app supports custom notifications, use them to introduce the users about the rewards marketplace. If the existing app doesn't support custom pop-ups - default alerts, emails or push notifications can be used.

Rewards Marketplace

Drive engagement with additional exchange options like other loyalty points, miles, crypto and more. This also opens up the customer network you can tap into.

Log in to the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) and form exchange partnerships that you can then display in your loyalty app once they're approved and set up.

On the LAD Exchange section, you will see the list of potential partners you can connect with. You can also suggest other loyalty programs you would like to see in our dashboard. We offer 3 options to filter the partners - points, miles and crypto.

Once you choose the partner you want to form an exchange partnership with, click on the Connect button and that partner will be moved to 'Partner requests' section. The requested partner will receive an email notifying them about an incoming partnership request. You'll also see the chosen partner in the 'Requests you sent' list, where if necessary, you can also cancel the request. The partner will be notified of the cancellation.

After connecting with a partner with points exchange option, the request needs to be approved on their side after which, the partnership will be activated immediately and you will see that partner in the 'Active partners' section. You will be notified by email regarding the decision of the brand concerning the exchange partnership. Note that the partnerships formed are only one way (exchange-in or exchange-out). Two separate partnerships will have to be created in order to facilitate exchanges in both ways between brands.

For the miles option, the partnership is activated on our side, as it needs to get reviewed and we need to communicate with partners first. The status, meanwhile, will be setting up and it will become active once approved.

Once the exchange partnership has an active status, you will see it on your loyalty app (we only show the active partnerships).

You can remove/end a partnership at any time by clicking on the Remove button. The concerned brand will be notified by email of the partnership removal. We recommend that the brand be informed about ending the partnership before performing this action.

Cool off period

If an exchange partnership is cancelled, removed or rejected, there is a 30 day cool off period wherein creating the same partnership request is not allowed. Thus, please be absolutely certain of your decision when performing these actions.

Exchange Calculator

The goal of the exchange calculator screen is to show the end user how many loyalty points they'll receive for this exchange and to get an idea of the other loyalty program and its offers.

Here's how we calculate the points the user will receive for an exchange:

  • points received = Brand A points to burn * exchange rate

    • exchange rate = Brand A point offramp value ÷ Brand B point onramp value

  • crypto received = (Brand A points to burn * Brand A point offramp value) ÷ crypto exchange rate

Onramp = value of brand point when entering (exchange-in) its loyalty program, Offramp = value of brand point when leaving (exchange-out) its loyalty program. Both values are in USD.


Show the user how many miles/points etc. they'll receive before they have to connect the exchange partner account to drive customer engagement.

Show the min. / max. amount of points the user has to / can exchange.

Show the exchange rate to make it easy to understand how the values are determined

Additionally, either show the redemption options of the other loyalty program (click on the "View Shop" button in the image above) or link to its redemption shop so the user can assess the redemption catalogue before exchanging points.

The redemption shop is basically a catalogue of items user can get by using their exchanged points, so the user knows what redemption options the other loyalty app offers.


You'll receive the loyalty program redemption catalogue url via the qiibee API. If there is no loyalty program redemption catalogue url, link to the loyalty program url received via the API.

Connect Account

In order to exchange the points, you'll need to know to which account the other loyalty points have to be credited. To do so, add a field where the user can input and connect their account number.

For the points exchange the user can get the account number from the loyalty app they want to exchange points with. For the crypto exchange instead of the account number we use an email address, so the user can provide either an email which is connected to Coinbase or create a Coinbase account on that email afterwards.


Add a sign up button and link it to the loyalty program URL of the exchange partner received via the qiibee API. This way, it's easy for users to create an account in case they're not yet part of that program.

Optionally, also add a QR code scanner to connect the accounts.

Confirmation Message

Show the exchange transaction to the user and let them confirm to ensure that no transactions happen by accident.

Success Message

Show a success pop up to inform the user that the exchange transaction went through.


Most exchange transactions will be completed near instantly. Nevertheless, inform the user that the exchange might take some time to be completed.

Transaction History

The API allows the user to look at their transaction history. Whenever the user views their transaction history, we recommend showing them details on how they exchanged their points.

Account Number

Show the account number of the user in his profile page so that he can connect to it and exchange other loyalty points to yours.


It is mandatory for you to show the user's account number if you want to allow your users to exchange points. Otherwise, they won't be able to connect to their account from other loyalty programs.

Optionally, also add the account number as a QR code to make the account connection easier.

Manage Accounts

In 'My account' section you can add a section for user to manage the different accounts they are connected to.

In 'Manage Accounts' we added the list of all the accounts the user can connect to to make an exchange. For cryptocurrencies that will be the Coinbase account email, for miles - Frequent Flier Programme number, and for points - the account number of the other brand's loyalty app.

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