Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

This example only shows the NFTs. All other parts of a loyalty program are brand specific and therefore not part of this illustration.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital unit of data that is stored on a decentralized database, otherwise known as the blockchain. These NFTs can either be a digital ‘twin’ of a physical item, for instance, a digital model of a watch or car. Alternatively, an NFT can simply represent a unique digital item, such as a digital piece of art (Beeple).

An NFT is a digital asset that can come in the form of art, music, in-game items, videos, and more. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos. Physical money and cryptocurrencies are “fungible,” meaning they can be traded or exchanged for one another. NFTs are different. Each has a digital signature that makes it impossible for NFTs to be exchanged for or equal to one another (hence, non-fungible).

There are various avenues that can be explored through NFTs - virtual assets, arts/collectibles, and event tickets. NFTs can be a game changer for your loyalty program. You can incentivize your loyal members by allowing them to use your loyalty point to redeem an NFT which can be used as a collectible. NFTs can also be used as a digital twin by using it to complement your loyalty program by enhancing brand trust and thus increasing general customer satisfaction.

Create NFTs in the Loyalty Admin Dashboard

The first step is always to create your loyalty point in the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD). Once the loyalty point is active, you'll unlock the NFT section and can from now on create and manage NFTs for your loyalty program. Go to that section, and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “+Create new NFT” to create and publish a new NFT.

  2. Upload the media file (image, video, audio, or 3D model) that you wish to use for your NFT.

  3. Give your NFT a name and choose the type.

  4. Add the supply for your NFT and specify the actions your users can do with it (sell, transfer)

  5. Add optional information such as a description, exclusive content or external link. This content will be visible on the NFT details screen.

Upon filling out the initial popup and successfully creating your NFT, you're provided with an option to immediately list it for sale. Alternatively, you can choose to do this later in the NFT section by clicking the "List" button on the selected NFT card or in the NFT details screen. You can delist the NFT anytime with just one click.

While you have the full freedom of choice when creating NFTs, here are some tips to follow:


Include exclusive content that can only be revealed by the owner of the NFT to create additional value for your VIP members.

Enter a point value and consider listing your NFT on LWA and LAD marketplaces to be seen by a larger audience.

Activate "User transfer" to allow NFT holders to transfer their NFT to another member of your loyalty program.

Activate "User sale" to allow NFT holders to sell their NFT to another member of your loyalty program through the redemption shop

Enter a "User sales fee" to burn points for free. Whenever a user sells his NFT, a percentage of the points used to buy the NFT will be sent back to the loyalty program owner as a fee.

Once you entered all NFT details and submitted the NFT creation request, the NFT will be minted automatically on the qiibee blockchain. The status switches from pending to active as soon as the minting process is completed. active NFTs can now be transferred via the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) itself or through the qiibee API.

active NFTs will be displayed in the NFTs list in the LAD. From this list, you can sort and filter your NFTs by status to easily manage and organize your collection. To view the details of a specific NFT, simply click on the image or the "Details" button.


On the details screen, it is possible to modify various aspects of your NFT even after it has been created. These include lsiting/ delisting the NFT, adjusting its point value (price) and the Marketplace and changing User permissions (User sale, User transfer, User sales fee).

If you have selected LAD as a marketplace, your NFT will be displayed in the Marketplace section. The NFT card will showcase all relevant details, including the price that you have set as the "Point value". Additionally, it will feature a "Buy" option that enables other brands to purchase your NFT and display it in their LWA for their members.

Each NFT card or its detail screen will have a "Buy NFT" button. Clicking this opens a popup with three fields: the purchase amount (the quantity of NFT you want to buy), the NFT price in LAD Credits (the cost per unit of the NFT), and the total cost to buy the specified amount.

Once successful, the purchased NFT will appear in your NFT list under the NFT section. From there, you can edit it, transfer it to your users, or list it for sale.

NFTs in your Loyalty Whitelabel App


The goal of the overview screen is to introduce end users to the NFTs and its benefits. You can directly send an NFT to the user which will then be displayed in the "Your NFT collection" section through the LAD or API.

If the existing app supports custom notifications, use them to introduce the users about the NFTs. If the existing app doesn't support custom pop-ups - default alerts, emails or push notifications can be used.

Redemption Shop

If you list your NFT on LWA from the LAD and enter a "Point-value", the NFT will automatically be listed in the "Redeem your points" section and your members can get the NFTs by redeeming loyalty points for it.

NFTs will be listed with a badge “NFT” on the top left of the item listed along with the other coupons & rewards. When clicking on an NFT, the user will also see whether this NFT offers exclusive contents and exclusive content status (Available/ Redeemed), meaning whether this exclusive content has already been claimed (e.g. concert tickets).

When the member clicks on the redeem button, the loyalty points will be deducted from his account and the NFT will be sent and visible in the NFT section of the LWA. This transaction will also show up in the LAD and you'll also always see all the owners of your NFTs.

Your NFT Collection in the LWA

In this section, your members will see all the NFTs they possess. To access the details screen for a specific NFT, click on the image of the NFT from the NFTs list on the LWA.

The NFT details screen provides a wealth of information about the NFT, including its name, media file, description and more. In case the NFT contains exclusive content (e.g. concert tickets), the member can claim it here.


If your NFT contains exclusive content (e.g. concert tickets), you can select the status of the exclusive content within the LAD. In case the current owner claimed the content and it cannot be claimed again (e.g. concert tickets), simply switch the status to "Redeemed" to keep track of it as well as informing potential future owners that this content has already been claimed.


qiibee does not force you to use a specific method for redeeming the exclusive content as it'll vary from case to case. Therefore, always make sure to also describe how the owner of the NFT can claim his exclusive reward (e.g. add an email address on which they can contact you which only the NFT owner will see).

User transfer

If enabled, NFT holders will be able to transfer their NFTs to other members of your loyalty program. All the current holders of your NFTs will always be visible in the LAD.

User sale

If the "User Sale" switch is toggled on, your loyalty member who holds that NFT in their account on the LWA will able to sell the NFT to other members of your loyalty program. The holder will only be able to sell the NFT for an amount of your loyalty points. This way, you keep the NFTs and members in your loyalty program while creating more engagement. In case the loyalty program member wants to cancel the sell listing at any time, they can do so by clicking the "Cancel Listing" button in the NFT details screen.


In case you set a "User sales fee" in the LAD, the fee will be deducted automatically from the amount of loyalty points the seller will receive.

The NFTs listed for sale will automatically be displayed in the Redemption section of the LWA.


In case you have your own frontend and integrate the qiibee API, make sure to follow a similar user experience as explained above.

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