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Explore this in-depth guide to understanding how to reward both registered and unregistered users online and offline.

As a brand using the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD), you can enhance your loyalty program's effectiveness by rewarding both registered and unregistered users now. This functionality extends to all brands, whether you're hosting your loyalty program via qiibee or have your own dedicated loyalty app. This guide divides the process based on the type of integration - Full (Points Bank) and Light (Marketplace).

Leverage these features to reward members at your POS without any tech integration needed.

Full Integration (Points Bank)

The Points Bank, as a part of LAD's full integration, offers a comprehensive view of your loyalty program, including the ability to reward both registered and unregistered users.

Rewarding Registered Members

  1. Start by accessing the Analytics section on your LAD dashboard and selecting the Points Bank tab.

  2. Scroll to find the Members table, listing all registered users in your loyalty program.

  3. Click on More Action next to a user's name to reward them with your loyalty point.

  4. A popup window will appear. Input the number of loyalty points you wish to award, then click Credit.

  5. Confirm your action, and a success popup will confirm the transaction.

Rewarding Unregistered Users

  1. From the Analytics section, navigate to the Points Bank tab.

  2. In the Members table, search for the email address of the user you wish to reward.

  3. If no matching email address is found, a "no members found" message will appear, and the Reward new member button will be visible.

  4. Click the button, input the email address and amount of loyalty points in the popup window, then confirm.

  5. The user will receive an email invitation to register to your LWA and collect their rewards.

Light Integration (Marketplace)

The Marketplace tab under the Analytics section offers the ability to reward both registered and unregistered users, just like the full integration. But, it introduces the feature to reward users with points from partner brands.

Rewarding Registered or Unregistered Members

  1. Navigate to the Analytics page, and this time, select the Marketplace tab.

  2. In the Members table, you'll always see the Reward new member button. Clicking this button will let you reward your user.

  3. By clicking this button, you are provided with a host of reward options. Select the loyalty point from a list of partner brands that your brand is connected with.

  4. Fill in the desired amount of points you want to reward the user with. A built-in calculator will automatically display the USD equivalent of the points you've entered.

  5. To award the points, you need to enter the user's account number or the email address in the respective field.

  6. Click on the Credit points button.

  7. Upon confirmation, a success popup will be displayed to signify that everything went correctly.

This new feature allows you to enhance your customer engagement and expand your loyalty program's reach, fostering stronger relationships with both registered and unregistered users.

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