Sample Use Case

An example of what's possible with qiibee

qiibee is a headless Loyalty Rewards Marketplace. Headless Loyalty Rewards Marketplace means that its API-first that enable any customer-facing platform to integrate loyalty exchange functionality into their Customer Experience (CX) via API. Building adaptive loyalty exchange functionality is increasingly necessary, as loyalty points become a new asset class, and loyalty commerce between complementary brands gains traction. Additionally, qiibee also enables brands to easily create, manage and enhance it's loyalty program with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

To offer brands without an existing loyalty program or technical resources to still profit from the new standard of loyalty, qiibee also provides a Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA). The LWA incorporates all functionalities that the Loyalty API offers. In this guide, we use the LWA as an example of a fictitious loyalty application to illustrate how a company could use qiibee. The UX case study aims to serve as a reference for developers and to help create a faster and smoother implementation of the qiibee Loyalty API with the application.

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