Sample Use Case

An example of what's possible with qiibee

qiibee is a headless Loyalty Exchange Marketplace. Headless Loyalty Exchange Marketplace means that its API-first that enable any customer-facing platform to integrate loyalty exchange functionality into their Customer Experience (CX) via API. Building adaptive loyalty exchange functionality is increasingly necessary, as loyalty points become a new asset class, and loyalty commerce between complementary brands gains traction.
To offer brands without an existing loyalty program or technical resources to still profit from the new standard of loyalty, qiibee also provides a Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA). The LWA incorporates all functionalities that the Loyalty API offers. In this guide, we use the LWA as an example of a fictitious loyalty application to illustrate how a company could use qiibee. The UX case study aims to serve as a reference for developers and to help create a faster and smoother implementation of the qiibee Loyalty API with the application. This example only shows the Loyalty Exchange. All other parts of a loyalty program are brand specific and therefore not part of this illustration.


The goal of the overview screen is to introduce end users to the loyalty exchange and its benefits.
If the existing app supports custom notifications, use them to introduce the users about the loyalty exchange. If the existing app doesn't support custom pop-ups - default alerts, emails or push notifications can be used.

Loyalty Exchange

Drive engagement with additional exchange options like other loyalty points, miles, crypto and more. This also opens up the customer network you can tap into.
Log in to the Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) and form exchange partnerships that you then can display in your loyalty app once they're approved and set up.

Exchange Calculator

The goal of the exchange calculator screen is to show the end user how many loyalty points he'll receive for this exchange and to get an idea of the other loyalty program and its offers.
Show the user how many miles/points etc. he'll receive before he has to connect the exchange partner account to drive customer engagement.
Show the min. / max. amount of points the user has to / can exchange.
Show the exchange rate to make it easy to understand how the values are determined
Additionally, either show the redemption options of the other loyalty program (click on the "View Shop" button in the image above) or link to its redemption shop so the user can assess the redemption catalogue before exchanging points.
You'll receive the loyalty program redemption catalogue url via the qiibee API. If there is no loyalty program redemption catalogue url, link to the loyalty program url received via the API.

Connect Account

In order to exchange the points, you'll need to know to which account the other loyalty points have to be credited. To do so, add a field where the user can input and connect his account number.
Add a sign up button and link it to the loyalty program url of the exchange partner received via the qiibee API. This way, it's easy for users to create an account in case they're not yet part of that program.
Optionally, also add a QR code scanner to connect the accounts.

Confirmation Message

Show the exchange transaction to the user and let him confirm to ensure tat no transactions happen by accident.

Success Message

Show a success pop up to inform the user that the exchange transaction went through.
Most exchange transactions will be completed near instantly. Nevertheless, inform the user that the exchange might take some time to be completed.

Transaction History

The APIs allow the user to look at their transaction history. Whenever the user views their transaction history, we recommend showing them details on how they exchanged their points.

Account Number

Show the account number of the user in his profile page so that he can connect to it and exchange other loyalty points to yours.
It is mandatory for you to show the users account number if you want to allow your users to exchange points. Otherwise, they won't be able to connect to their account from other loyalty programs.
Optionally, also add the account number as a QR code to make the account connection easier.

NFTs for your MVPs

Another unique feature of qiibee is that you can add Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to your that capture a special reward only your most loyal fans will ever receive. May it be a unique experience, a digital artwork or a digital twin of a prestigious, physical object, everything is possible through blockchain technology.
Get more info in the two blog posts below, check out the difference between private and public NFTs or directly book a demo with us to understand everything.
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