Exchange Options

This page explains the external exchange options that qiibee supports.

We currently support the following types of exchange options

  • point to crypto - via Coinbase

  • point to miles - Etihad, Miles and More

  • point to another brand's points

Please be sure to have active partnerships before performing any exchange transactions.

Membership numbers

Different exchange options have different identifiers for their users in their ecosystem. This identifier is referred to as membership_number in the qiibee API. The membership number can be of any form - numbers, emails, alphanumeric strings etc.

  • When exchanging to crypto, the membership number expected is an email address. Preferably, one that is registered with Coinbase.

  • For miles, it is the FFP number in the airline's loyalty program.

Membership number validation

For points bank brands, we validate the account number by referencing it with our database.

For some of the brands we perform custom validations. eg. we validate email for exchanges via Coinbase.

If you are a non points bank customer and require us to perform a membership number validation, then you need to provide us with either the algorithm or an API endpoint that validates the membership number. Else, we pass it to you via the webhook without validating it.

Amount of points received

The amount of points to be received is obtained by multiplying the points to be burned with the exchange rate.

For exchange to miles and points, it is the value of the above multiplication. For crypto, it is the value as it is without the floor.

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