Four Steps to Success

There are four major steps to getting started with qiibee. Follow these steps through to completion to create, test, and launch your own loyalty program in your app /platform or via the qiibee Loyalty Whitelabel App.




Approx Duration

1.Create point

  • Register on the qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD)

  • Define your loyalty point and its economics

  • Create your loyalty point


< 1 hour

2. Plan and Design

  • Define earn, exchange and redeem actions

  • Choose to integrate the qiibee Loyalty API, use the qiibee Loyalty Whitelabel App or another integration option

  • Prepare your loyalty program customer success roadmap


~1 week

3a. Start Integration (API)

  • Access your Loyalty API and Webhook keys

  • Review Loyalty API Reference

  • Perform test transactions

  • Finalise development and design


Resource dependent (see below)

3b. Start Integration (Whitelabel App)

  • Contact qiibee to setup the Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA)

  • Define the content for the LWA

  • Perform test transactions


~1 week

4. Launch to End-Users!

  • (Conduct an initial pilot)

  • Fine-tune point economics

  • Incorporate more use cases

  • Assess impact on KPIs, e.g. NPS and Rentention Rate


Project dependent


Step 2 can be conducted in parallel with Step 3. Step 2 and Step 3 must be finalised before moving to Production and launching to end-users (Step 4).

Technical Skills Requirement (Based on Recent Projects)

Estimated durations in case you are integrating the qiibee Loyalty API to setup a completely new loyalty program.

Skills Required

Language (if applicable)

Approx Duration

UX / UI designers


~1 week

Front-end web developer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

~1 week

Back-end web developer (API)

Java, JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby

1-2 weeks

Android developer

Android (Java, C, C++) or React Native

1-2 weeks

iOS developer

Swift or React Native

1-2 weeks

We are always making improvements to our APIs and documentation and expect these times to reduce over time.