Use Case Description - Ecommerce

  • You already have a web shop for which you use a third party e-commerce provider

  • You want to add a qiibee loyalty program and reward customers for their purchase

  • You can’t or don’t want to build the frontend

  • The first version of our ecommerce plugins only work in combination with the Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA)

    • You integrate the plugin to reward customers for their purchase (e.g. 1 point for every 1 USD spent)

    • Directly reward the user with points (if registered) or create a coupon and send the coupon to the customers email which redirects them to the LWA and awards them with the respective amount of points (if not registered).

Next Step

The first ecommerce plugins are available for Woocommerce and Shopify. To install them, follow the guidelines on the respective pages.

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