With qiibee, businesses around the world can run their loyalty programs on a permissioned blockchain.

The API and SDKs presented here allow for a quick and easy integration of both the server and mobile-side of your application, abstracting away the complexity of implementing and managing a blockchain-based solution for your loyalty program.

Platform capabilities

The qiibee platform allows you to tokenize your existing loyalty currency or create a new loyalty token.

The loyalty token (tokenized loyalty currency) is thus created on the qiibee Ethereum-based permissioned blockchain, to which your system can connect using the SDKs and API provided, in order to reward end-users or allow end-users to redeem their loyalty tokens in accordance to your business needs.


qiibee supports reward and reedeem operations necessary for a loyalty program.

Both reward and redeem operations are essentially transfers executed with an ERC-20 token contract that is unique for the loyalty program.

End-user accounts

qiibee offers two different ways to create end-user accounts with different pros and cons.

Custodial wallet

Create a wallet per end-user and control the keys.


  • End-users don't need any keys which improves the user experience and ensures that end-users don’t accidentally lose access to their loyalty currency


  • End-user does not control its own loyalty currency (Status quo of current loyalty programs)
  • You need to manage all the keys of the end-user wallets
  • You need to sign the transactions with the end-users wallet

Non-custodial wallet

Each end-user creates his own wallet.


  • End-users are in full control of the collected loyalty currency
  • Lower regulation in case that the end-user is allowed to exchange the loyalty token to cryptocurrencies
  • No key management of all end-user accounts


  • End-user wallet creation makes the user experience more complicated
  • End-users could accidentally lose access to their loyalty currency
  • End-user needs to sign the transactions


Integration steps

To start using the qiibee loyalty platform as part of your program, follow the steps detailed here:

1. Create your loyalty token

Contact qiibee to request the creation of a loyalty token (for either production or sandbox environment for initial testing) by using the Get in touch form on the main page.

This step requires no specific technical knowledge.

2. Create your loyalty program

While qiibee enables you to easily configure and deploy a loyalty token, and execute loyalty transactions on the blockchain from both the server and within your mobile app by using the provided SDKs, the overall campaign design and implementation is up to you.

You would need to:

  • design the campaign in terms of what rewards and redeem actions are possible
  • manage your own user accounts signup associating those with their respective loyalty token wallet provided by qiibee
  • implement the UI/UX for your mobile app or website that the end users use to visualize their loyalty tokens and trigger redeem transactions

3. Setup qiibee integration

  • Pass on the API key to developers (contact us for API keys for each environment)
  • Download language specific SDK if present or use API directly to integrate server-side code
  • Implement client-side integration with the Wallet SDKs
  • Launch (release your app, and ensure your server-side code is using live environment API key and brand wallet)